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tv   Verruckt nach Meer  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 10:30pm-11:31pm CEST

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experience knowledge to borrow to. 60. dollars. w.'s crime fighters are back to africa's most successful radio drama series continues throughout all of this odes are available online just more so you can share and discuss on w africa's facebook page going to other social media platforms to crime fighters to me now. is this what the future of agriculture looks like vegetables and lettuce as start on several floors artificially lead to. fully automated farming research from drought prost in store. this isn't a futuristic version. in japan this is already the reality.
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for a large chunk in this system we can produce food on the optimal conditions with high nutritional content and good taste of the iraq war general balance the big difference to working in a field of a good book by the childhood working the fields in brandenburg these thick dust clouds are due to the drought. without massive artificial eric ation there would be no harvest are these fields facing an imminent collapse. under the bridge as the conditions are currently i would have to recommend my children look for a different profession. devastating drought here heavy flooding elsewhere. crude production is in danger and catastrophic famine wreaked havoc throughout the world researchers are searching for solutions.
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a typical harvest in japan. the workers were protective suits that are hygenic they prepare. the environment is clinical these lettuce heads are cultivated was outsourced and free of pesticides. in this room to temperature always remains the same. things that. i find it pretty good that i can always work indoors regardless of the weather in tranter than in the rice fields. vertical farming is the name of this method from japan as seen here at the company's spread and cure to the roots thrive in a liquid new chance solution without topsoil but with the same natural ingredients such as sodium and potassium. with a similar color temperature to sunlight are used. solar collectors and the
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building's green facade indicate that progress is that home here. the university of chiba in japan. and this futuristic looking greenhouse experiments with vertical vegetable cultivation are being conducted. professor to your key cause i invented this method in the 1970 s. back then he initially had problems finding the right light and at high electricity costs the breakthrough came with the technology. originally i wanted to help the small farmers who own a small land parcels she's right vertical farming enables one to achieve 100 times more and you will harvest on a single area than with conventional farming he washed up so it's worth investing in such bench to build factories these facilities can be set up anywhere it's an important step towards sustainable agriculture there are no losses during the harvest and we use less energy for transport productivity and profitability can be increased aid. further with the latest technology. you know more caution.
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this method is mainly used for vegetables and salads as far as staple foods go such as cereals or potatoes more research is still needed. a good one difficult of course will bloom in japan after the book was shame a catastrophe there was a lot of interest in these new greenhouses because it is possible to produce all year round regardless of external influences got it from all. over to our methods not the farmers have a stable production without damage from insects or warms. and of course the system is sustainable when you can run these better factories in the middle of the city and produce local food as needed from a few of them in. the contrast agriculture and the fields. once again the farmers lack watch or
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a lot of watcher and the weather is much too hot temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius can dry up the soil to 2 metres deep. large parts of germany are affected by trout in the summer. the results can be the total loss of the harvest was high financial losses. hence heneage can harden and brandenburg as one of the farmers who suffer he grows potatoes and corn. his farm is located in an area with light dry soil without the help of expensive eric ation systems nothing would grow on his farm. the water already needs to be pumped from deep underground and climate experts predict that even more extreme dry periods are expected. and well they're getting bored and called that if you look at the ground here there is no moisture and i can
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survive by the fun to do so that's why there's not much on the. here are 2 miserable potatoes there are a few more which might have been ok if they hadn't after march of last year we are having a very dry year again it's only rained half the amount that we normally would have had at this time of year for solar so dry from last year that even the little rain we've had over the last few days is not enough for the plants because i will be flying through the media. but how can the farmers problems be solved how can we ensure that food supply in the future is safe. battening and university in the netherlands is looking into these questions at the renowned agricultural university scientists are working on using new ideas and methods to finally defeat hunger and the 21st century they are working on the assumption that in just 30 years twice as
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much food will have to be produced as today but the conditions for this have become worse in order not to exacerbate the climate crisis the area available for food cultivation should not increase new methods are therefore needed to produce food in the future. and funding and as head of the plant science department he understands how grave the situation is. so if we change nothing and we keep all consuming the way we are doing it we don't optimize the way we produce our food then for the next 40 years we will need to produce as much food as we did over the last 8000 years and i think that gives a really good impression how big the challenge is to feed the world in 2050. with this huge greenhouses the netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world and they take care of their resources. vegetable growers
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here much less water to. jamais toes and elsewhere thanks to new eric ation techniques. our research is focusing on. to produce more food but at the same time to do it with less inputs so we need to produce more nutritious food more safe food and this challenge more with less and better is really the overarching theme of our research programs. this is how daily life knocks in the spanish region i marry. under this sea of plastic tarp and then slice europe's largest special card. artificially irrigated grown for export. millions of tons of tomatoes peppers cucumbers and other varieties are shipped from here mostly to germany. but intensive cultivation has its price. pesticides and fertilizers contribute to the fact that hardly anything grows here
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outside the greenhouses. and the spanish vets were farmers are running out of watcher the whole area is drying out. the situation in africa is even more extreme especially south of the sahara. there isn't an increase and weather catastrophes. it's almost impossible for the poor and hungry to lift themselves out of their misery without external help says the secretary general of german acro action. zeidan yards wide since 2014 the number of hungry people has continued to rise and currently 821000000 people suffer but we can see quite clearly that about 30000000 people have been affected as a direct result of the climate change this claim of on that. personally and very acutely
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affected by this because the storms currently hitting these countries were previously completely unknown and this is just such a sign of the destructive force for the change in climate to contribute and how the people in the countries where we work are quite defenseless and at the mercy of the elements also give us and. catastrophes drought and floods destroy not only the living spaces of inhabitants but also valuable agricultural land. brandenburg primary clean heart and can solve his trap problems with technical help supported by the e.u. he nevertheless as pessimistic about his future. with little is ira geishas the only way we can still grow things here the pride of grain cultivation is actually not feasible anymore. and we are no longer competitive
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world wide open to review but the potatoes that we irrigate are sold here in the region where we still have a market that we can sell to redeem recalled will be including. back in japan at the company's spread and kyoto headquarters for the new world of agriculture spread is currently the world's largest farm for vertical production. an employee of the company on her way to work. her clothes are more similar to what people wear in an operating theatre than on an outdoor farm. here hygiene regulations are very strict . all precautions are used to prevent germs from the outside entering the production as the food should be claim and unspoiled. in this closed sterile environment the plants grow without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. a good $50000.00 heads of lettuce leaves the factory every day this hall is only used for packaging others are used for growing very special to
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most including mushrooms and exotic herbs. the selection as large none of the producers watched as there are germs in the watcher that may cause the vegetables to spoil another advantage of this type of indoor farming is that the plants thrive on several floors above each other and each very little valuable floor space the cultivation and some of the house is already fully automatic. she found at the factory 15 years ago you could talk of the need fact that climate change or the explosion of the world's population was not a big issue. it was there a market for factory grown vegetables well you made it more but now we make a good profit. i don't think that factories will replace conventional farming pointless and good but i think that our way of farming will play a central role in 20 or 30 years ago or so that we want to share the technology with poor countries. so that they can produce their own food or clothes we'll stop
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the stuff i thanks to the short distances to supermarkets and restaurants no goods are spoiled train transports unlike in conventional supply chains. on the other hand conventional agriculture in japan is also in a deep crisis. farmers use pesticides as a necessary tool and rice cultivation price which is sacred to many japanese is heavily subsidized in japan the market is largely protected by high customs duties price imports are considered an attack on cultural heritage. but the areas under cultivation are dwindling the average size of a japanese farm is just $1.00 hectares which makes it difficult for farmers to make ends meet that is why there are hardly any young people farming was the average age of a farmer being 66 years old cooperatives are formed in many places in order to be able to far more effectively but the increase in natural disasters is also causing them
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problems. or. to avoid being held hostage by these changes the farmer. was inventive for a couple and this is my aquaponics system he proudly flames and a small greenhouse he is trying out a new form of agriculture aquaponics. here fisher bread in large tanks ikea to ease ema has 250 sturgeon's and his facility. where. the fish excrement is pumped out and used as fertilizer for various vegetables the water purified by the plants is then returned to the fish tanks. from rice farmer to modern are called potting farmers almost all vegetables tried here all year round and are independent of climate changes the greenhouses even withstood an
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earthquake. the neighboring farmers have already suffered this year it rained too much and their plants did not get enough sun. i kid out over can still carry his harvest to the market. and dreams of an even bigger plant. such as this one in the chanel back district in berlin. and the grounds of an old industrial complex greenhouses professional growing in the middle of the city. groups of visitors from all over the world come here to learn about the goings on inside. this is also an aquaponics farm but on a grand scale. the current product capital city. grown
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with the excrement to fish president these tanks. the fish that is marketed in berlin is of course called capital city perch. the one we want to produce where people consume so we don't have long supply chains or long cold storage times and we have a much better c o 2 ballots and so i think our fish the capital city curch is the freshest base you can buy here in berlin. the principle is as old as the hills the water that is polluted by the fish is extracted and used as manure for the plants and has been used this way for centuries and china and by the mayans of central america. the plants grow faster on shelves or in raised beds in these rooms than in a natural environment the young entrepreneurs produce $1500.00 pounds per week for a supermarket chain so won't take long before the costs for the 1400000 euro construction are recovered to.
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the 7800000000 people currently live on our planet. in a mere 30 years there will be 11000000000 more and more people are leaving the rule areas and according to united nations study 2 thirds of the world's population will be living in cities and 2050 so more of these farms will have to people especially in asia. they're megacities already extend over huge areas without any agriculture more plants and more greenery is needed and the cities. urban planners face a new challenge the inhabitants of mega-cities not only have to be supplied with living space watcher and energy they also need room for growing food. the district of architects just talking an orphan and his staff are planning huge presidential and office complexes and almost all the world's megacities and they
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need to make them attractive to live in. dallas and. we have to deal with overheated cities so it is also significant a warmer and hotter than the surrounding areas that are dealing with cities that are not only damaged so to speak but also sealed so offices there is little contact between the environment and the us with correspondingly negative consequences due to the influx of people and of a grounding by the physical it is no longer possible to ignore this problem so the idea of revegetation and of green architecture equal plan major role in the wheelchair toward from the being in the or for no. this residential and office complex in singapore as high as the berlin television tower is an example of the to sort of architects work. 20000 people live and work here a small town in a single building complex. in the middle of it is
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a green heart 350 different plant species help to provide better air and a better climate. but if they have the 15 results this is certainly not the solution for normal rural central european areas it is the solution for high density locations of course if you plan to create a green area you can also use it to produce food so you have to have facts of life you have to shading effect and the fact that the food is produced here so you have the benefit of oxygen production and an additional advantage is that if the project is grown here you will also save c o 2 in additional to transport roads sport. green areas and not just for recreation. agricultural producers grain food and high rise buildings or on roofs next to huge office towers just really i wouldn't dismiss it although it does of course seemed bizarre because i think that from
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a central european perspective it's difficult to imagine the density and intensity is one of the difficulties many of these cities will face in the next 50 years what comes next is to achieve this with the quality of those that enables the people to live healthy lives there on a permanent basis and also feel. what sounds like a futuristic dream is already a reality and asia. but also in europe more and more people are moving to the cities and the transport supply chains for food are getting longer. in the center of tokyo dickinson the main shopping street of the metropolis home to the large japanese corporations and long established institutions. a rice field in the middle of it on the roof of a high rise building. a secular brewery grows the raw material for its rice while
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here. in japan such is not just an alcoholic beverage it is an indispensable part of the country's culture just like rice. which is why sackey and rice belong right in the heart of tokyo for this program. it is also an experimental field for a new horizon tease the roof of a high rise building as an agricultural alternative. that body. in the beginning they didn't take us seriously no rice would grow here as much to it right here at night with a cut on the roof it's much too hot. but our experiments have been good and we're harvesting more and more the rice grows well here i think it's right that in japan they are looking for different ways to grow rice and vegetables it's a challenge. and after all that rice is part of our tradition idea where it starts to get there not only with. each season the group produces 50 particles of sackey
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from a small rice field on the roof of. the historic building in the center of berlin. right next to the museums and transfer is a restaurant. deal limited to class cabinets are not just part of the decor i inside grow harps and salads and it's really start up based in berlin has placed these plant cabinets in various restaurants in the city as well as in the stores of a supermarket chain to function similarly to the plant factories in japan and ensure that the project is fresh on the table. there are 50 sets many greenhouses and berlin alone and about $200.00 already distributed throughout europe. 2 square meters of space in the plant cabinet corresponds to 250 square meters of regular farmland and this food is wasted in the
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kitchen because you only harvest what is necessary for the dishes that guests have ordered get off the stage of our songs 2 or 3 times a week we don't have to watch it because it doesn't have any debt it has just water legs so it's perfect for for the cook and also for the guests this is for example it's just a let's 1st of all it's this this is very hard to get in there in the market so well you can see that it's super tasty and the fact that you just you are harvesting it and putting it straight into the plate it makes a huge difference but the other thing and i think this is the most the bottom one is that you have access to the flavors and to plant. that you cannot get anywhere for example this one is small stuff and it's something that you cannot get in the market it's really like. sharp and spicy.
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admittedly this kind of special preparation is more for the enjoyment of a metropolitan minority presently these greenhouses are not your plan for mass production in germany. at least the lettuce here doesn't travel far to be put on the table. factory plants grown under artificial sunlight without earth and with a watch or an important step for the nutrition of the future and the challenge for conventional agriculture. will work with nature if you look around here marx are singing the insects are flying around but that isn't the case in these facilities i believe that this is not what you want in the future if it's not nature it's just an artificial product i just can't imagine it but it has nothing to do with my ethos as a farmer army farming is having an area of land here where something is growing
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that i can take care of one of these artificial farming goes against the philosophy of what i want to represent with my soul as a farmer. but do we have another choice classical agriculture alone will not be able to supply the growing world population without the help from the oratory for much longer with plants that develop in a controlled way without the use of fertilizers and pesticides and with less water . so you know we'll be a world population of 10 or 11000000000 people we can't imagine how big the cities will be tom and at the moment it's almost considered progress if you can successfully cope with overcrowding at all it is an essential part of 21st century technology that we achieve this because if we don't also vive along the planet may not happen what do you want do you want to produce. in such a way that you have sup optimal yields and you use you need to use a bigger surface and that means that you have to destroy nature or you want to have
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your optimal yields per square metre so my opinion. is that we use our agricultural fields in such a way that we optimize the growth in order to save the environment. our research is still just starting however in the coming decades cities throughout the world will need to host critical agricultural clean and sustainable projects if we are to prevent food from becoming scarce.
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in. the squad. as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience knowledge
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to follow to. talk to you. medieval history and heritage you better. dive this indian move absolutely minister is a city with many faces. done even see the cultural riches of the city and its romantic surroundings there are more than $100.00 castles and palaces of course the best way to do trip to the countryside is by by changes. in 16 d. w. . o. . 1986. it's their story their very own personal
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trauma. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us those who never been seen before. chernobyl starts april 26th on d. w. . we have an important news. smoking is healthy post designs are good for the beings global warming doesn't exist. don't believe us well not yet come for me to read my mind. the industry is controlling your thoughts here are 10. truly seeking to be rail science. it's not easy to spot. the great books of the 20th century the present day hoaxes.
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and who's behind. the new century new starts research on d w. i s. news life from berlin counting is underway in chad's presidential election incumbent interest debbi is expected to win a 6th china despite growing discontent with his role also coming out. printing a revolution activists in myanmar putting pen to paper to get their message out on trying internet shutdown. and in the bundesliga
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a late goal by night broke clones hocks into the battle against from the geisha from germany's top league. average in a moment welcome to the program polls have closed in chance presidential election and vote counting is underway opposition politicians have boycotted the vote and president it just 70 is expected to be reelected for 6th term and extend his 30 year grip on power. very calm and the relaxed president he did used to be is one of the wrong as serving redoes enough reka. i mean the heavy security he was the 1st to cast about it is the 6th consecutive election he has voted in. we're done we have
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voted we're going to go home now and then wait for the voters to decide if it. can work on this planet i'm disappointed. this man says he has voted in 5 elections over the last 13 years on sunday he decided to break or deport him because he believes his war to me of a county is jane funny i have a family and the situation is but if you think you know they be will be really addicted but he must change the situation if not it will be worse i know he will be the 1st round pick from the bottom of my heart i'm not supporting put up or think many share his frustration members of the opposition and anti-government activist called for the barrel to be boycotted the people of china generally decided to stay at their homes because they're saying that they have been voting
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for at least 5 times and all these 5 times there has been no change so there's no point of them going out to vote. at least 7300000 charity and i vote but in the cup to shoot up this lady is a 1st time voter but she came with high expectations to the she says i want there to be more peace in chad he's already peace but we need more than that we need social cohesion. in office for 3 decades they've been remains a strong partner for the west in the fight against islamic jihad the east the top part the sahara region but back home he's popularity is diminishing risk into q.c. more crunching the country into deep poverty and also encouraging their party's image
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and the corruption. correspondent fred move when he says the outcome of the election isn't in doubt. as many people have been saying president idriss deby is expected to win this one because the opposition has been saying that he doesn't have in the chair in jail so it's like one mind shaw so that's what it is they know that at the end of the day i mean people walk up to cast their votes but at the end of the day they know that there we know is is no one is going to be president. and as you say your report also highlighted some of this voter apathy towards this presidential election for an international audience just explain to us why people have become so disillusioned. i mean this is this is
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a president who has been in power for 30 years that people have been listening to what he has to say their promises for devolved from and for freedom for free speech for democracy and they're saying that none of his promises has actually materialized you know so they have been listening what he has to say for almost 30 years for 3 decades and nothing has really happened that's why they're saying that this time we needed something new we needed someone new who can do something new because they don't have any trust in him or for a politician who has been there for 3 decades and nothing has has achieved now fred we also know that a human rights groups like human rights watch has been describing a crackdown in the lead up to the voting creating instead blackouts and also arrests what are the chances for accountability going forward.
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accountability that something i mean on international day of which at the end are always looking up. international community but that too has never been happening no one is there to rebuke president idriss deby and then back or he is a strong man he is no one speaks and those who they are to speak out they have. received intimidations others have seen their families killed others and prison so when it comes to accountability they are just waiting to see what probably a miracle to happen right that has fed with a new life for us in the chat capital and have and i thank you so much fred. now germany will hold a general election later this year and luckily won't be standing off to 16 years leading europe's largest economy she is making way for successive but it's still
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not clear who her conservative bloc will choose to lead its election campaign and potentially become the next chancellor. until america offer a corona test before crucial talks on who might succeed her is chancellor one of the favorites the leader of her c.d.u. party am in lash it he's also a state premier of north rhine-westphalia the other marcus or to heads up the bavarian c.s.u. a small party closely allied to marco's c.d.u. he wasn't giving much away. exciting time so what do they say in bavaria let's take a look and then we'll see you most of all the 2 men are competing for the one spot as chancellor candidate for the c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the party's traditionally always work together and open battle would damage the bloc so the rivalry needs to be kept civil it would be a big deal if certain from the small bavarian party won approval from conservatives across germany. isn't. ready to stand to take on this responsibility if there is
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broad agreement about it in the c.d.u. big sister party it's a party the parliamentary group and the membership all want it then there's no question that you can't duck the responsibility you have to take it on the farm for the. surgery is under no illusions he says that whatever the outcome he and lash it will work well together is. lush it has chancellor merkel support he also emphasized cooperation. with announce that we're ready to stand as candidates for the chancellor ship and with agreed it should be a good process as we set off towards this shared goal and involving both parties and of course together with the parliamentary group forced their own path and we believe if the on monday the top brass of the 2 allied parties a set to discuss the matter germany may not have to wait long to find out who will
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be the conservative blocs candidate for chancellor at this year's elections. well let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world iran is calling a blackout at one of its nuclear facilities an act of terrorism officials reported electrical problems at the underground natanz plant a day after unveiling new year am centrifuges that iran says it reserves the right to retaliate. and hundreds of yemenis are protesting against worsening living conditions in the water one country protesters blocked off a major road in the southern port city of aids and they want an end to power cuts and high prices yemen's internationally recognized government is fighting iran backed rebels who control the sound of the capital of sana'a. a german president frank walter signed maya has visited the former death camp to convulse to mark the 76th anniversary of its liberation he warned against forget
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forgetting the crimes of the nazis more than 56000 people were killed at the convulsive and its satellite camps. now around 700 people have been killed in myanmar as military crackdown since their priscu on saturday security forces killed more than 80 pro-democracy protesters in the city of boggo authorities have shut down internet access once again and it's forcing activists to come up with alternative ways to get their message out. the man wearing this mask who goes by the name lin found he's the founder of an underground newsletter called molotov. it's secretly distributed to thousands of readers across myanmar. it's a tough time at the moment but we have to be interviewed wearing masks for. we're living under a lot of oppression at the moment we have to distribute the printed version of mana
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tof ourselves because of the internet i would it. for writing revolutionary literature and then distributing it we could end up in prison for many years possibly 10 or more years because we are so hollow he told her she was. a huge risk but one that many like lynn found are prepared to take. some readers across the country download a p.d.f. version of the publication print them out on the street beat the physical copies in their local area. myanmar has a long history of underground publications. independent media is under severe threat. according to groups monitoring the crackdown in myanmar around 3000 people have been arrested since the military seized power in february and at least 700 people have been killed.
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the reasons that keep lin found and his fellow activists determined to fight for their freedom. was pretty solid even if one of us is arrested there are young people who will carry on producing the molotov newsletter even if one of us is killed someone else will turn up when someone folds this molotov newsletter will continue to exist until the revolution is successful and the blue dog they see. a revolution for now appears to have no end date in sight. just in sports news now and in the bundesliga minds boosted their survival chances with a late victory against cologne the 32 win continues their climb up the table but cologne are heading in the other direction and are now firmly stuck in the relegation places. marcus custos cologne hadn't won in 7 games
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at home coach would have feared the worst when might scored with their 1st shots on goal john paul boy put the finishing touches on a neat move i followed what i had to do way back into the game on half time penalty to verdict on trade to do is equal i said just reward for cologne's efforts domination continued in the 2nd half the free kicks finding its way to only a scary headed. host since we deservedly. for football can be a cruel game when you're fighting for survival cologne barely had time to enjoy that goal as minds hit back with a sucker punch. the devastating council rounded off by kareem only see. the visitors had found their way and it was another break down the left that won them the game in injury time. play on 3 pereiro the minds hero. taking his shots past emotionless team 041.
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heartbreak for the hosts who seems not to believe what they were seeing the reality though there were team in big big trouble. meanwhile bottom of the table shall cut and their 2nd victory of the season as they beat out one nil and the only gain only goal came off in just 4 minutes when swat said it took advantage of some sloppy goalkeeping the goal for sergio was particularly special as it was his 24th birthday and it was shot as 1st when 13 games but they're still in seriously hot water. and mission controllers have delayed the 1st flights of nasa's mini helicopter on mas technical issues emerged during testing of the rotors the 4 take off the engineer as he helicopter is set to make the 1st powered and controlled flight on
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a planet other than earth a travel to mars attach to the rover perseverance nasa has pushed back the flight by a few days. you're watching the news live from but up next is the documentary looking at the landmark trial of syrian war criminals facing justice in japanese and you can find much more news on our web site d.w. dot com i'm ahead of a homage thanks very much indeed for watching i'll see you soon take care of. the lovely. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center the a more and more betty g.'s are being turned away a mother the on the to. listen to her look at the demonstrators lucky police treat her
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mother to. play lists culture moves in 300 people are seeking. the love because no one should have to flee the or make up her own mind play w. . for mines. cut. for the 1st time anywhere in the world a high ranking syrian officer is on trial in germany and more are was the alleged head of torture for the assad regime in damascus he is charged with murder torture and rape. you know it is beat him he'd say and i was beaten if mr and why i did not
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like my answer to a question. or. survivors are also attending the trial and hoping for justice a. journalist who know what father is on her way to the higher reaches court in cold lands or the trial has been underway for a year so far she has not missed a day in court if i say i don't know what i will hear and i don't know he will call it. sometimes i'm anxious but on the other hand i know i'm going to him many sad details in this call session. or other court sessions. who have other. does not yet know which witness or joint plaintive will testify today
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because the court is keeping the name sealed. the fear of assad's long reach is so great that witnesses and joint plaintiffs are intimidated in the courtroom luna whose name has been changed to protect her identity is the only syrian journalist following the trial here she is doing this for all of the syrians who cannot be present for her this is not about journalistic responsibility this is a fish dish this is they're important to me because i am also a form of political prisoner from the same wallet at al qa t. prison. and when the witnesses give their testimonies the stories here i also have my story in fact i'm also writing my story behind the scenes oh my gosh there. are as allegedly responsible for these accounts of torture that are
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being discussed in court he is charged with crimes against humanity $58.00 counts of murder torture and at least $4000.00 cases and rape his personal culpability is being tried in copeland's but as he sits in the dock he represents the entire assad regime. wassim was also tortured by n y r r when he was on his way to a demonstration in syria in september 20th levon he was arrested and taken to the prison a notorious torture facility where and are was in charge. well i was interrogated 3 times over the course of 5 days. each time i was interrogated allegedly by and why are what he said i am the interrogator. bin death he gave the orders and he told others to beat me so i was beaten if mr anwar did not like my answer to a question was which. was seem tells us that he shared
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a 22 square meter cell with 87 other people they all took turns sleeping in a seated position security guards broke his ribs during the interrogation wassim did not tell n y r r that he is a musician. it differs in the interrogation i was always afraid that they would beat my hands if a hand would be broken or a finger removed or something like that it would be a disaster for me. and the. they always told me to lay on my stomach with it and put my feet in the air so i laid on my stomach and placed my hands beneath my chest just. in part to support my ribs because it was painful to lie on my stomach that's schmetz huffed of the. oath but also to protect my hands with it no matter where they hit me they didn't reach my hands. on this was all i could do besides being dead to protect
11:21 pm
them i was afraid for my hands and for my life but at least there was something i could do about my hands. mine a hand at this and that was my personal kind of resistance that. has only chivvied us to. throw seem continues to resist today here in berlin in front of the reichstag the german parliament he and other like minded people are calling for an end of the assad regime. is playing revolutionary songs for his fellow comrades in support of a free and democratic syria. put a silence reach is long and his regime exerts a strong influence on witnesses and joint plaintiffs in germany their families who are still in syria report instances of intimidation nevertheless
11:22 pm
a seam of testified in court and human rights lawyer should monitor saif says this is important. that everyone would seem for sure and he. will not there or let me say. when i mean the and do with lumpy it will maybe a. day making this you know already when the meeting. was to fall on the head of. the wall are going to you know won't be getting more what the media and more did for the human court raising. the one. who by the time luna one full was imprisoned in a hut and more are was already gone having defected to the opposition as one of their intelligence officers he applied for asylum in germany when he told the
11:23 pm
authorities about his past they arrested him under the principle of universal jurisdiction that allows a state to prosecute crimes against humanity even if the. they took place outside of their territory and even if neither the perpetrators nor the victims are citizens of that state since then you know what far has heard and seen many cruel stories in the courtroom this was one of the most difficult moments for her. the caesar photographs pictures taken by a former syrian military photographer referred to by the family as caesar who secretly kompany them while still working for the regime and later smuggled them out of the country the now they are evidence of the assad regime's torture methods . to see victims depicted in this way without being able to change anything i can only sit behind the witnesses and record that
11:24 pm
testimony but i can't change anything in syria. and this is session was really really bad i will never forget the photos. in that hall that i tried not to see those photos of tool because i guess in this particular court session. it was necessary. that's when most owners saw the cesar photos for the 1st time shortly after they were published in 2014 during which time she was an active protester in syria and from that moment on she knew exactly what she was facing even so she continued to go to demonstrations when people were killed in a chemical weapons attack she took photos of the graves sent them abroad and was arrested. that sammy over there an officer asked me to give him the names of others who worked with me i said there were no other is this i worked all by
11:25 pm
myself. and at that point he loved and said. ok you don't want to be co-operative with us so that's why i will take your kids. during the entire year that no was in prison she was afraid for her children only later did she learn that they were never arrested so. far luna it's the end of another day in court she's reporting live on the events today for the arabic channel event news and she's about to interview one of the joint plaintiffs of. the law complex say many of the witnesses before have been it was not easy for this witness to tell his story and they remember the awful things that happened and are forced to realize i have a bad feelings they don't want to remember. this is know you don't ask for luna with each testimony she is also reminded of her torture in prison
11:26 pm
noone wants to know what it was like for the witness today. we're getting of questions from a german court it was also very sad to judge this guy in front of the german court . we have to judge the same person and other people in our syrian courts as well. here in berlin revolutionaries would also prefer to see the main defendant tried in a syrian court but they are confident that copeland's is at least the 1st step toward justice ideas the syrians never had a place to talk about her ideas equity or justice and now we have this opportunity because of the copelands trial to get the big fish that they got that for the 1st time and we actually need justice to syria among them but not just that it's that this man has committed certain crimes against syria and it's and this is the criminal trial against that man against him but not against the regime exactly but
11:27 pm
copeland's is very important because this case represents the whole government the whole syrian government is a criminal i agree because it's systematic not an isolated case this is the at the 1st step but i'm hopeful that me too it will be too. i think that it. was even the other revolutionaries hope assad will also have to stand trial at some point some of the people here are sure that the trial is already leaving its mark on syria and the lawyer anwar albany is one of them he has helped prepare many of the lawsuits but i am sure they are they suffering please i am. sure the crimean that's now. not safe with him would be gone in the future so that they. think.
11:28 pm
on the other hand doesn't believe the trial has changed anything in syria so far. here at home in copeland's she jots down her thoughts from the courtroom and marks the locations of mass graves on maps luna who has asylum has been in germany since 2015 she and her children are safe here and that makes her happy the trial in koblenz is changing her life. is i think about what has happened to other prisoners in syria all the time. for example what happened to the women who were in my cell. service their fate. i don't know nobody no use. the regime is still torturing tens of thousands of syrians you know what is documenting this process for them to so that she can say we did
11:29 pm
not stand idly by while this happened. this will play against as it seeks. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look. at. experience knowledge and blow to. the. medieval history and heritage you bet. died this and young absolutely minister is a city with many faces playing don binns with the cultural riches of the city and its romantic surroundings there are more than 100 castles and palaces all scores
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the best way to do trip to the countryside just by by checking. 30 minutes on t.w. . what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 368 get kidnapped now. what makes of ok no it rubs. how does too much food affect the balance of our gut flora. and which animals have the most successful relationships and says to those questions are coming up.


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